A little bit about me.


Recently, I was at my mum's house when she pulled out a crate of my old journals that I'd kept since age five. I'd religiously documented my life through words during my childhood and teenage years, filling several notebooks a year until I got a bit older and started filling university lecture pads instead.

I completed a Bachelor of Arts with a major in English in 2015, and have since done a variety of things with my writing. I've been a staff writer for a couple of music and arts magazines (The Adelaide Review and Rip It Up), a freelance journalist, an SEO copywriter, a blogger, a social media manager, an editor, and that friend you send your resume to for fine-tuning.

Writing has always been my life's greatest passion, which translates into any piece of work that I produce today. I'm obsessive about finding the perfect combination of words for any writing project I take on, whether that's a blog about how to Instagram like a pro, website copy for a small business or a review of a live music show.

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I'm confident, thorough, eager and prompt in every piece of work I take on. I'm always excited to discuss new projects, so why not get in touch with me today?